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  • Arto

    We have parntered with ARTO brick to bring tile to the online realm as well as in-person garage sales.

  • Solstice Stone

    We have gone to Solstice Stone for in-person garage sales in Arizona, USA.

  • Join us in a partnership

    We would love to go to other states in the USA. We have inquires from home-owners frequently.

    Please reach out here 

The Story


Here at Glaised Tile we love finding the beautifully crafted odds and ends that go missing in your typical hunt for the extraordinary. You will find tile that will brighten a space or decos of different designs to showcase your personality. As you know, my father Armen is curating all the time for ARTO, the samples he brings in or overruns will be here as well. Glaised Tile brings you beautiful pieces for your enjoyment.

We are a father/daughter team; we both grew up in the world of tile. Sarah is the one you interact with as my father, Armen continues the search for distinct and unique pieces and runs ARTO.

We look forward to meeting you in our yard in California or in a beautiful city somewhere soon!

Good bye for now folks,