Glaised 2.0

Glaised 2.0

I am so excited to write the first blog post of Glaised 2.0, originally Glaised was ran by a husband and wife team in SoCal to bring unique pieces to their community. 

It is now my turn taking the lead on this exciting endeavor. I have grown up in the world of precast my entire life. From traveling to conventions, visiting factories, stores with my dad. I know just enough to get my vision going! I am dedicated to bring you high-end crafted pieces at garage sale prices. It is slightly nerve-racking to take this step into this world in a way I haven't experienced it growing up. 

Product launch date is May 3, 2021. 

Here's to the adventure folks,
Sarah Alajian

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Hi I’d like some samples of the very colorful tiles with mosaic patterns on them please call me 562-213-7477

Monica Gogue

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